Itchy Scalp/Excessive Dandruff

Often times patient chalk up their itching, flaking scalp to "I need to wash my hair more often."

Washing one's hair excessively and using various over-the-counter anti-dandruff products may not be the solution.  The true culprit may be an underlying infection or overgrowth of fungal organisms.

The flaking scalp condition is also often accompanied by blocked pores of the forehead, jawline and face.  Excessive blackheads, oily skin, with flaking in the eyebrows, ear lobes and nasal folds are also noted. In severe cases, especially over extended time, and with superimposed "perming", coloring, heat treatment, and traction (braids, weaves), this scalp condition can lead to permanent hair loss.

After consultation, the Pretty Faces Atlanta team can make recommendations to appropriately treat this medical condition and alleviate your itchy flaking scalp and accompanying facial conditions.

Why is my scalp so flaky and drY?  

This is a common question patients ask. Flakes, scaling and itchy scalp are the main symptoms of what we commonly call “dandruff.” Whitish/greyish, oily flakes accumulate in the hair and often get worse during the dry, fall and winter months.  Dehydration can also lend to this condition but is not usually a main cause.

There are several reasons for irritated, flaking, itching hair, such as increased surface yeast (Malassezia Furfur), not shampooing scalp often enough, sensitivity to certain cosmetic or dermatological products, and sometimes can be sensitivity to the type of in-dwelling hair units placed, like weave hair or synthetic hair. 

Men develop dandruff symptoms actually more than than women. Certain patients with pre-existing illnesses such as such as Parkinson’s disease, Lupus or HIV are also at higher risk.

This condition appears more noticeable around puberty; however, it can develop at any age.

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