Hair Loss

Patients may experience hair loss from chemical, tension, heat, trauma, illness, hormone changes or other types of reasons.  After a thorough consultation, Dr. Jing Jing can recommend the best type of treatments available to address your specific type of hair loss. 

In our practice, hair loss is viewed in a step wise fashion.

Step 1: Topical medications and oral medications:  

  • Minoxidil (Rogaine): is really the only FDA approved, over the counter, topical medication for Hair Loss. Traditionally, Minoxidil is suspended in an alcohol-based solution. So, even though it known to grow hair, when applied to African American types of hair (porous hair, chemically or heat-treated hair) this alcohol content tends to cause breakage, which in turn worsens the hair loss issue. To combat this issue, we have compounded our Miracle Serum 7 Minoxidil Suspension, which is 7% Minoxidil (higher than over than over the counter Men’s Extra Strength Rogaine), however this Minoxidil is NOT delivered in an alcohol medium. Instead, we mixed this Minoxidil with an Argan Oil, Cream Base thus producing a very smooth, silky textured, leave in conditioning treatment that will also help restore hair.

  • Biotin: Biotin tablets can be helpful as well as prescription Propecia® (for men only).


Step 2: Platelet Rich Plasma Injections (PRP)

  • Platelets are powerful agents involved in wound healing and cellular growth. Currently there are numerous studies high-lighting the benefits of PRP in Hair Restoration.

  • Patients are asked to present to our office well hydrated, and prior to their procedure, a small blood sample is taken and from this sample the patient’s platelet rich protein is harvested. This “liquid gold” fertilizer, is then placed back into the scalp by injection or via Collagen Induction Therapy.

  • To ensure patient comfort, we numb the area being treated with anesthesia prior to treatment. Most patient report little to no down time for this procedure.

Step 3: Laser Light Therapy

  • Low Level Light Therapy at 830nm wavelength has “resulted in greater stimulation of hair growth than the other wavelengths examined…”

  • Patients may enjoy LLLT at 830nm combined with other Laser therapies at therapeutic wavelengths for 30 minute sessions, twice weekly, for optional therapy results.

  • These treatments are relaxing, pain-free, and have been proven to be effective.


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Itchy Scalp/Excessive Dandruff

Often times patient chalk up their ITCHING, FLAKING SCALP to "I need to wash my hair more often."

Washing one's hair excessively and using various over-the-counter anti-dandruff products may not be the solution.  The true culprit may be an underlying infection or overgrowth of fungal organisms.

The flaking scalp condition is also often accompanied by blocked pores of the forehead, jawline and face.  Excessive blackheads, oily skin, with flaking in the eyebrows, ear lobes and nasal folds are also noted. In severe cases, especially over extended time, and with superimposed "perming", coloring, heat treatment, and traction (braids, weaves), this scalp condition can lead to permanent hair loss.

After consultation, the PFA team can make recommendations to appropriately treat this MEDICAL CONDITION and alleviate your itchy flaking scalp and accompanying facial conditions.

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Laser Hair Removal

Excessive unwanted hair growth can be treated! 

Many pigmented patients worry about Laser Hair Removal.  Is it safe?  Will it burn my skin?  Will it work?  Is it permanent?

The answer to all these questions is YES.  But let me explain.

We use a (Varia®) 1064 YAG Laser, which is the only FDA approved laser appropriate for Laser Hair Removal and Laser Vein treatments in patients of ALL skin colors; including minority and African American skin tones (lightest to DARKEST skin tones). Laser Hair Removal usually involves at least 8-10 treatments to achieve approximately 80-90% of permanent hair loss.  

A 1064 YAG Laser is a LASER, which means, without proper preparation and safety measures, it can burn the skin.  Thus we take extra time and precautions to prepare the treatment areas thoroughly so we can protect your skin and prevent any unnecessary harm.  Most patients find this a completely painless experience.

When performed properly by well trained and licensed medical providers, Laser Hair Removal will achieve approximately 80-90% permanent hair loss.  Imagine a lawn of 1000 blades of grass, and after a thorough "treatment", you are left with a few scattered blades.   If desired, patients may return for touch up treatments.

Do you have excessive unwanted hair growth?

Ingrown Hairs of the Face, Neck, Bikini and Body


Pseudofolliculitis, also known as "ingrown hairs" or "Hair Bumps", is very common among pigmented patients, especially African American patients.   "Hair bumps" whether of the face, neck, chin, groin, buttocks, or other places, can be very painful, tender, and unsightly.  "Hair bumps" also often leave the affected areas full of skin "staining spots" or hyperpigmentations, even after the initial "bumps" resolve.

Men suffer from pseudofolliculitis mostly in the beard and nape area.

Women suffer from pseudofolliculitis mostly in the bikini and groin areas associated with shaving or waxing.

Treatment for pseudofolliculitis is often just focused on the inflammatory process itself however unless the underlying issue is addressed, the patient tends to have recurrence, often in the same areas but also in other areas.  In some patients, the inflammatory process of their "hair bumps" gets progressively worse, and in severe cases, these lesions can tunnel together under the skin and can cause massive skin inflammation, scarring and tissue damage. 

Pseudofolliculitis is a serious medical condition that should be treated and preventive measures should be discussed as well.

Do you suffer from HAIR BUMPS on your face, or beard?  Bikini area?  

We have designed specific treatments for Pseudofolliculitis (Hair Bumps) which not only treats the root cause but also alleviates pain, discomfort, and inflammation.  These are treatments that WORK and are effective for both male and female patients. 

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