Introduction to Evoke Facial Remodeling


Evoke is the First and only FDA cleared non-invasive Facial Remodeling treatment that is painless to the patient and offers tightening and lifting to deliver more defined facial characteristics with no downtime. The popular areas that can be treated are the cheeks and jowls, chin and submental areas

By directly addressing the jowls and neck, Evoke can help you achieve more defined facial characteristics.


Evoke consists of two separate treatments. One for the face and the other for the chin. Each ranging anywhere from 15-45 minutes with hands free application that will allow you to relax and watch Netflix or enjoy another procedure simultaneously.

Evoke leverages clinically proven radiofrequency technology to deliver volumetric heating to the skin’s subdermal layers.

Evoke is a very comfortable treatment that should feel like a warm stone massage. Results are outstanding and consistent due to Artificial Intelligence that will regulate temperature and sense impedance every millisecond to maintain proper energy for the desired result. No other non-invasive treatment can compete or compare to the comfort, efficacy, and results of Evoke.


Evoke is ideal for patients that desire facial remodeling but don’t want (or can’t have) downtime associated with more invasive treatments. Patients who would like some tightening and more defined facial characteristics.

Anyone desiring maintenance for recurring laxity after having already done traditional excisional procedures. Younger patients who desire soft tissue tightening and maintenance as they age.


The experience is very soothing and painless. So what are you waiting for? Contact Pretty Faces Atlanta today to book the appointment!