Mole Removal Made Simple [Video]


What are moles?

Moles occur when the cells in the skin that give it its pigment, called melanocytes, grow in clusters.  These cells normally grow throughout the skin, but when too many grow in the same place a mole occurs.  Most moles appear before the age of 25, but some may appear much later.  Moles can remain static or change over time.  Although most are not dangerous, some can be malignant and lead to melanoma.  Any mole that oozes or becomes painful or sensitive should be checked out by a dermatologist.  Moles that suddenly appear after the age of 25 or begin to change or grow should also be evaluated.


Treating moles is not difficult.  If a mole is embarrassing, or becomes irritated under your clothing, you may contact Pretty Faces Atlanta and ask about our mole removal procedures. There are a number of ways by which moles can be removed. Moles can be frozen with a chemical, after which they dry up and fall off.  Other moles can be simply cut off of the skin.  Often, doctors will remove entire moles that seem suspicious and test the tissue for cancer.  If any malignancy is found, they may cut out a slightly larger area of skin and then suture the site closed.


Click play below to watch our simple mole removal procedure. This patient came in for a full face and neck mole removal. This is a quick, tolerable, procedure with dramatic results. These moles will ‘fall off’ in about 3 to 5 days, and with proper post treatment care, this beauty will have no hyperpigmentation or scarring. We love love love MOLE REMOVAL!!

Is “get rid of these moles” on your beauty wish list? If you are ready to uncover your smooth, bright youthful glow, call Pretty Faces Atlanta to schedule your mole removal consultation.  Learn exactly what to expect regarding pricing, heal time and post procedural care, and start your journey to flawless skin.