Skin Tag Removal [Video]


Are your skin tags a nuisance? Do your skin tags get caught on your clothes? You can do something about it. Watch Dr. Jing Jing perform a quick skin tag removal. And just like magic, that pesky skin tag is gone. Yes, the procedure happens just that fast!

When you are ready to talk about having your skin tags removed you will need to schedule an appointment with Dr. Jing Jing. At that time, she will go over your medical history and your lifestyle to give you an overall skin assessment.

Skin tags are usually skin colored fleshy “moles” that grow on a stalk, usually found in body folds. They do not grow hairs.

There are several types of moles. Once you have a skin assessment, she will determine what type of “moles” you have by taking note of the size, shape, color and overall appearance of them.

Is “get rid of these moles” on your beauty wish list? If you are ready to uncover your smooth, bright youthful glow, call us to schedule your mole removal appointment.  Learn exactly what to expect regarding pricing, heal time and post procedural care, and start your journey to flawless skin!