The Psychological Effects of Female Hair Loss

Close-up Of A Worried Woman Holding Comb Suffering From Hairloss

Often, female hair loss is something that is overlooked, ignored, and even disrespected as something that is not a real problem.

Most doctors don’t point out hair loss even if they notice it during a physical, unless the woman brings it up. This can cause a lot of problems for the woman suffering from female hair loss, and the effects are often psychological.

Shame – Just like men who experience issues with feeling shamed by their hair loss, women feel the same way. In fact, since baldness is not acceptable in women in our society, they usually experience far more shame than men do.

Feeling Old – If hair loss starts in peri- or post-menopause, women often feel as if they’re losing their youthfulness. This is the same for men too. It’s like a sign that they’re aging, and they take that to heart.

The problem is some young women also experience hair loss. That means women who are relatively young may be feeling this way for no reason.

Sexual Dysfunction – Women, more than men, have hair tied up in their notion of beauty. For that reason, women who experience hair loss can also suffer from sexual dysfunction and lose interest in sex because they don’t feel attractive.

Often, they are just as attractive but it’s part of how our world looks at women versus men. Bald men are seen by women as virile for the most part, while women with short hair or hair loss are not generally seen in the same way.

Poor Body Image – Even if a woman is otherwise beautiful, having thinning hair, bald patches, or even going bald can affect their body image in a bad way to the point where they feel very unattractive. This is very difficult for some women to deal with because they feel as if they can no longer be themselves.

Low Self-Esteem – Having bald patches, very thin hair, and being unable to style their hair the way they want can lead to low self-esteem which can rub off onto all aspects of life, until they feel as if they’re good for nothing.

Feeling Unattractive – Many women who suffer from baldness only feel attractive if they have a wig on and then feel unable to be intimate with anyone due to their lack of hair. They simply feel unattractive and even ugly due to society’s perception of women without hair.

Self-Isolation – One symptom women who are losing their hair may experience is self-isolation, because they don’t want to deal with their lack of hair. They may end up becoming a recluse and anti-social because of all the feelings associated with lack of hair.

Feelings of Humiliation – Many women who lose their hair, even if it’s due to chemotherapy, experience humiliation. Their hair is what makes them feel like themselves and helps them express who they are, and now that’s gone.

These problems can make any situation worse. When hair loss starts affecting a person in a psychological way, they may need to seek help from a qualified counselor or professional who can help them learn to deal with their situation if there is no cure.

In fact, getting help might even help the woman find their cure because they will get the courage to talk to their doctor about it and look for a solution.