Thinning Hair Is Not A Hair Color

young woman worried about hair loss on a white background

Thinning hair is increasingly becoming one of the biggest cosmetic issues for men and women around the world. Treatment is not necessary if you are comfortable with your appearance. If hair loss causes you anxiety and negatively affects your self-image, treatment can be beneficial.

Women consider hair as one of the most important aspects of their beauty. An estimated 30 million American women have a genetic predisposition to hair loss and balding. Women develop hair loss as frequently as men do, but because of hormonal differences women don’t lose as much hair volume.

Women frequently have hair loss due to an iron deficiency, especially if they regularly skip meals or have heavy periods.

The only medication approved to treat women in the US is topical minoxidil. Our proprietary formula, Miracle Serum 7, is a Minoxidil/Argan Oil Cream Based Hair Growth treatment, designed for porous, course, African American type hair.

Minoxidil 7% is suspended in a moisturizing leave in conditioner that can be applied daily to affected areas without risk of breakage (unlike traditional Minoxidil, or “Rogaine”, which is commonly suspended in alcohol and can cause breakage to porous, chemical or color treated, African American type hair). Our formula can be used daily by men and women, no prescription required.

These are all possible reasons why you’re losing your hair. No matter the reason, there are usually things you can do to lessen the problems associated with hair loss. If you notice your hair thinning, or bald patches on your scalp, you don’t have to wait! Contact us today to schedule an appointment and receive a thorough and specific treatment plan to address your type of hair loss issue.