Treatment Options for Female Hair Loss

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If you’re suffering from hair loss, there are things that you may be able to do to get treatment for your issue. But, the very first thing you should do is talk to your doctor about it. Some doctors will shrug off hair-loss issues, but you need to advocate for yourself and ask for blood tests that can rule out underlying conditions.

The only exception is if you’re losing your hair for a known reason such as chemotherapy. In that case, there may be things your doctor can recommend, but you may have to just stick it out until the treatment is over and your hair will grow back.


Hair loss that is happening due to nutritional deficits can be addressed via diet and exercise. The reason diet is so important is that you can lose your hair if you’re not getting the right micronutrients. Exercise is important because it helps with circulation and blood flow.


Anyone who is suffering from thinning hair can benefit from scalp massage. Go to a professional who knows what they’re doing to ensure they don’t cause any damage to your head. But massage will bring more blood to the area, causing the follicles to grow more hair.


If you’re over-styling your hair, using a lot of chemicals, tight braids, hair extensions, hot irons, and styling products, you can cause your hair to start breaking off and it will look as if you’re suffering hair loss. Try to be gentler with your hair and use more natural products and solutions.


Hair products don’t have to be expensive but for some people, it’s imperative that they pay attention to which ones they’re using. If you have fine hair, use shampoo for fine hair. You don’t want to weigh your hair down and cover your scalp with so much product that it cannot breathe.


If you’re suffering from any type of nutritional deficiency, supplementation can help. This is especially true if you’re suffering from a deficit in your iron or B vitamins. Check with your health care professional before adding supplements to your dietary regimen.


Specialized laser light treatments from a medical practitioner are yet another treatment option. Most people think of this type of laser light as taking hair away, aka laser hair removal, but there are treatments that help you grow hair too. Here are Pretty Faces Atlanta, we offer multiple options to treat hair loss, from topic medications to laser light treatments and beyond.

No matter what treatment you choose, remember that if you don’t know why you’re losing your hair, you need medical intervention. Only a doctor can diagnose what is happening. Be your own health advocate so that you can get the treatment you need.