What Can You Do About Unwanted Facial Hair?


Your face is the first thing that people see. The last thing that you want is to have ugly facial hair causing others to look at you. And, it is just uncomfortable. Is there any solution for facial hair removal? Yes, there are many. You have options to removal much of the hair on your face including your eyebrows, the cheeks and chin, the upper lip and the nose hair. But, what is the right solution for doing so?


First and foremost, men have many tools to help them with facial hair removal. For most men, the best method to use is that of shaving. If you are like most men, you realize the benefits of shaving with a good quality razor. You have a large selection of them to choose from as many companies are putting out better and better quality options. And, to make shaving less painful, there are shaving creams and gels that can help to reduce the irritation of the skin. Still, there are other options.


For ladies who are fighting facial hair removal, there are fewer options but many that will work just fine. Shaving is not a good thing for most women. It can cause great irritation and is not necessary for the fine hair that most women battle. Most women are dealing with unwanted hair on their upper lip or strays here and there. In most cases, they will pluck them to rid them. Yes, it can hurt to do this, but it is a deep method of hair removal that should last several weeks. Still, there are other options available.

Depilatories and Waxing: These are inexpensive solutions for hair removal of the face. If you are careful, they can be effective at removing visible hair. You can do this at your home or have a professional help you, but you will need to do it each time hair becomes visible.

Lasers? Electrolysis? We offer laser hair removal services here at Pretty Faces Atlanta. Because we specialize in treating pigmented skin, we use a (Varia®) YAG 1064 Laser, which is the only FDA approved laser appropriate for laser hair removal and laser vein treatments in patients of all skin colors.

These offer permanent facial hair removal. By destroying the follicle in which hair grows from, the hair will no longer grow. While they can be costly, and may need to be done several times to be effective, they can actually help you to gain permanent hair removal as well as less painful ways of getting it.

Which is the best option for removing hair from your face? The bottom line is that it is up to you. While not one method is fool proof and right for everyone, most of these methods can be done quite safely and to satisfy just about everyone’s needs.

If you have excessive unwanted hair growth, contact Pretty Faces Atlanta today to schedule an appointment, to determine the best way to address your excessive, unwanted hair growth.