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Pretty Faces Atlanta offers advanced skin care and cosmetics treatments, specializing in the unique needs of pigmented skin. Pretty Faces Atlanta was designed to meet the growing needs of concierge medical cosmetics and skin care patients in Atlanta, GA and the surrounding counties.

Our Providers


Dr. Jing Jing Harris is an Award Winning, Licensed Physician in the state of Georgia who specializes in Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Treatments.  She is also a Boarded and Licensed General Medicine Provider.  Dr. Harris is a Medical Physician and Pretty Faces Atlanta is an Aesthetic Medical Practice. Though Dr. Harris specializes in Aesthetics, she is first and foremost a Generalist. Considering her primary training as a Family Medicine Physician, Dr. Harris has the most solid medical background to also comment on underlying medical conditions that can affect the overall health and appearance of your skin.


Having completed her residency trainings with Loyola University, School of Medicine and Cook County Hospital Systems in Chicago, IL, Dr. Harris has more than a decade of additional, specific dermatology training, in both cosmetic and clinical dermatology.   

Dr. Harris has completed and instructed numerous dermatological and aesthetic courses. Dr. Harris attended both Morehouse School of Medicine and Xavier University School of Medicine.  She is currently an adjunct instructor for several educational entities of higher learning and professional training, such as Morehouse School of Medicine Family Medicine and Internal Medicine Residency Training Programs, as well as Emory University Nurse Practitioner Program .  Prior to medical training, Dr. Harris trained in Dietetics and Nutrition.


Dr. Harris trained for numerous years under the direct tutelage of Dr. Welsey Wilborn, renowned Dermatologist, Instructor, Speaker, and Founder of DPL Cosmetics.  


Dr. Harris treats patients of all skin tones and ethnicity, and she has additional, specific training, in the treatment of minority skin complaints (including African American, Asian, Hispanic, East Indian, and other pigmented populations).  Dr. Harris specializes in ethnic specific cosmetic treatments of the face and body. 



Dr. Kevin Washington is a Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physician with additional training in Aesthetic Medicine and Liposuction/Body Contouring.  He is a graduate of Morehouse College and Morehouse School of Medicine.  He completed his formal trainings with Louisiana State University and Charity Hospital in New Orleans.

While in residency,  Dr. Kevin was involved in Hurricane Katrina were he treated the citizens of New Orleans and helped to rebuild the city.  In addition to the years of experience as an associate physician of Pretty Faces Atlanta, Dr. Kevin also has training from Empire Medical Institute and Centers For Health Promotion. During his training, as with Dr. Jing Jing, Dr. Kevin was mentored by Dermatologist, Dr. Wesley Wilborn, and also by Dr. Dwight Reynolds.

As an African American man, Dr. Kevin has suffered from pseudofolliculitis, (in-growing hairs of his face and beard) for most of his adult life.  This has spurred him to learn extensively about the condition and become our "In House Male Expert" on men's skin and hair care.   Dr. Kevin sees patients of all ethnicities and orientations, however we specialize in minority skin, face, hair, beard, and body issues.

Dr. Kevin has been sharing his aesthetic medicine and liposuction/body contouring skills with Pretty Faces Atlanta since 2014.

"I will develop individualized treatment plans to enhance your appearance, whether it be skin, hyperpigmentation, facial hair, hair loss, body fat issues... The whole point about the in-depth consultation is to make the best treatment plan so we can maximize the best outcomes.  We don't promise "dreams", we promise outcomes. In a practice like ours, we can address so many aesthetic issues, and with the best planned out guide, we can achieve great things simultaneously, and with minimal down time.  We can treat your in-grown hair bumps, acne and belly fat - all at the same time!! We are really at the top for what we can offer our patients. Even our most aggressive treatments are all minimally invasive with little to no down time."


Come meet Dr. Kevin.  Do you have hyperpigmentation?  Do you have hair bumps?  Call us at 678-650-2009 for an in-depth appointment with Dr. Kevin. 

We do NOT take health insurance, as most health insurance companies do not cover cosmetic treatments. However, some procedures can be covered under Flexible Spending or Health Savings. In addition, medical financing options are available. Please discuss this with one of our administrative staff.

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