Laser Hair Removal

Excessive unwanted hair growth can be treated! 

Many pigmented patients worry about laser hair removal.  Is it safe?  Will it burn my skin?  Will it work?  Is it permanent?

The answer to all these questions is YES.  But let me explain.

We use a (Varia®) 1064 YAG Laser, which is the only FDA approved laser appropriate for laser hair removal and laser vein treatments in patients of all skin colors.

This includes minority and African American skin tones, from the lightest to darkest skin tones. Laser hair removal usually involves at least 8-10 treatments to achieve approximately 80-90% of permanent hair loss.  

A 1064 YAG Laser is an actual laser, which means, without proper preparation and safety measures, it can burn the skin.  Thus we take extra time and precautions to prepare the treatment areas thoroughly so we can protect your skin and prevent any unnecessary harm.  Most patients find this a completely painless experience.

When performed properly by well trained and licensed medical providers like Dr. Jing Jing, laser hair removal will achieve approximately 80-90% permanent hair loss.  Imagine a lawn of 1000 blades of grass, and after a thorough "treatment", you are left with a few scattered blades.   If desired, patients may return for touch up treatments.

Do you have excessive unwanted hair growth? Contact Pretty Faces Atlanta today to schedule a consultation, to determine the best way to address your excessive, unwanted hair growth.