Ingrown Hairs of the Face, Neck, Bikini and Body


Pseudofolliculitis, also known as ingrown hairs or hair bumps, is very common among pigmented patients, especially African American patients.  These hair bumps whether of the face, neck, chin, groin, buttocks, or other places, can be very painful, tender, and unsightly.  Hair bumps also often leave the affected areas full of skin "staining spots" or hyperpigmentations, even after the initial bumps resolve.

Men suffer from pseudofolliculitis mostly in the beard and nape area.

Women suffer from pseudofolliculitis mostly in the bikini and groin areas associated with shaving or waxing.

Treatment Options for Ingrown Hairs

Treatment for pseudofolliculitis is often just focused on the inflammatory process itself. However, unless the underlying issue is addressed, the patient tends to have recurrence, often in the same areas but also in other areas. 

In some patients, the inflammatory process of their "hair bumps" gets progressively worse, and in severe cases, these lesions can tunnel together under the skin and can cause massive skin inflammation, scarring and tissue damage. 

Pseudofolliculitis is a serious medical condition that should be treated, and preventive measures should be discussed as well.

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We have designed specific treatments for Pseudofolliculitis (hair bumps) which not only treat the root cause, but also alleviates pain, discomfort, and inflammation.  These are treatments that work, and are effective for both male and female patients.